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Goldman Sachs - pedia I worked as an editor in the Equity Research department—basiy a disposable position that could be (and was) filled by any number of English majors who could pick up financial lingo. The Goldman Sachs , Inc. is an American multinational finance company that engages in global investment banking, investment management, securities.

Goldman Sachs GS Elevator offers advice for aspiring Wall Street. We were cogs in the wheels of Goldman's award-winning research department, where analysts made investment predictions in their specific industries (e.g., mining, pharmaceuticals, retail stores, etc.) and stock recommendations—buy, sell, hold—while we editors made sure all their quotes were grammatical and that they followed a prearranged style set both by the house and by industry journals such as Institutional Investor. May 31, 2013. The list is written by the creators of Goldman Sachs elevator gossip, the. The GS Elevator Twitter account, set up by an anonymous Goldman Sachs banker. NEVER date newly-single Brad Pitt or anyone else in Hollywood.

Goldman Sachs Does the GS Elevator Gossip Twitter feed consist of. Obviously, this was a while ago, and memory can be faulty. I worked at another investment bank, and I really doubt it. No one is going to say anything remotely controversial in an elevator since you never know who is.

GSElevator @GSElevator Twitter But much sounds familiar to me in the gender discrimination case accusing Goldman of "hostility and marginalization" in equal pay and promotion. Things heard in the Goldman Sachs elevators Wall Street do not stay in the elevators. Email what you. Want to get to know someone on 1st date? Ask about.

The Goldman Sachs Elevator guide to dressing like a It cites an incident in 1997—my era—where one of the plaintiffs alleged she was sexually assaulted by a colleague after a Goldman-sponsored outing to a topless club—yes, topless club, yes, Goldman-sponsored. The Goldman Sachs Elevator guide to dressing like a gentleman. There is no such thing as a “going out” shirt, especially on a first date.

Success Secrets From a Wall Street Superstar Glamour Those facts are not in dispute, and no one who has not been inside this world has any idea how normalized this misogynist culture is, especially for a firm like Goldman, which has always prided itself on its "classy" reputation. Jun 11, 2014. I took the elevator to the top floor of Goldman Sachs' New York City office tower to ask this hh-powered mom of two about mentors.

Snarky 'Goldman Sachs elevator' tweeter unmasked New York Post When I used to get together with friends to discuss our jobs, the reaction to mine was always something akin to "It sounds like a frat on steroids." In one Goldman office, in the memos announcing a new crop of incoming female associates, instead of the usual corporate headshot, some joker used different semi-nude pictures of playmates. Feb 25, 2014. Snarky 'Goldman Sachs elevator' tweeter unmasked. Blankfein and the rest of his Goldman Sachs bankers can now resume talking in the elevator. Man sentenced for stabbing date 119 times after learning she was trans.

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