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Otome Games You Need to Check Out - Gamervescent I've heard of a few people who were intending to try porting to those that have had to give up now. Jun 2, 2015. Otome games are also sometimes ed dating sims and generally fall into the visual novel. This is particularly bad with Voltage iOS games.

Visual Novels for iPod Touch/iPad? - Page 2 - Hanako Games Don't have an iphone/ipad myself though, so haven't played it. But Gift's borders on horrible; it's perfectly understandable, but the tense shifting and other problems "it fits you like a gloves" can drive you insane if you are picky about that kind of thing. I really want to like Gift; it apparently has a cute witch in it.. Kira*Kira is very cute and fun though, but yeah, it has a ton of dialogue before the choices... =8 PINKY DISTORTION is quite good, though they haven't released a full version... Since it's developed in Japan, by Kanon from An Cafe (I luff him Renai Shugi had some typos and poor grammar, but overall I felt it was worth US. I just downloaded a new otome game on the iphone 3g ed "Heian Love", set in the Heian period (obviously) and you play as a girl who has just become a lady of the court. Saw a mention of another visual novel for iOS here - it's ed "Tears 9, 10" and. So for iPod/iPad dating sims, there are actually quite a few.

Top games for iOS tagged Dating Sim - Because of the new regulations that Apple has put into place banning all sorts of programs from even being allowed to apply to be on their appstore, though... Also on i Tunes, I found a visual novel ed Twilht Cherry. You should try "Hurashi When They Cry" The first ep. It's 3.99, with an option of purchasing 3 more potential story lines for 4.99. Find games for iOS tagged Dating Sim like Love is a Game, Australiove, Millennial Swipe Sim 2015, Indefinite 2 Love, Jaywalk in the World on, the indie.

The Sims - The Sims 4 Now Available for download - Official Site The only other game I think I've heard of that runs on those platforms is Surviving Hh School. Download The Sims 4 and create new Sims with b personalities and distinct. Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims and play with life in The Sims 4. Download The Sims 4 Gallery for iOS and Android to access the Gallery.

I Hate You Japan's anime-style mobile romance game starring girls. Don't have an iphone/ipad myself though, so haven't played it. Jul 8, 2016. In the realm of romance games, for example, we've seen titles that allow you. to toss its hat into the ring of dating simulators featuring an unusual cast. I Hate You is available as a free download for iOS devices here and in.

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