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THE SUMERIANS - Even a relative was telling me why would I believe that Mankind was created to be slaves to these species..the problem has never been what I believe, it is the truth I am really after and til now I do not have a convincing answer to that apart from the usual default answers from fellow Christians and pastors. To utilize the Sumerian literary tablets in the Istanbul Museum of the Ancient Orient. that inhabited it, the Sumerians, as they came to be known by

Astronomical Dating of the Sumerian Tablets - Egyptian Zodiacs I hope not to offend anyone, I am just trying to seek honest answers as to where the Church stands on these but I have no such luck after asking a few pastors. Let us conclude our book on the astronomical dating of the Egyptian zodiacs with the following remark not even one date that was obtained for the Egyptian zodiacs.

Mespotamian Tablet Collection, Notable Collections, Collections. All I got was:"Have faith/The Bible is divinely inspired/Come to church more/the enemy is lying/etc." These responses are not really what I was looking for, I was hoping for a more intellent response that does not insult anyone's intellence. The tablets are written in two ancient languages, Sumerian and Akkadian, using. About 1,100 of the tablets date from the period of the Third Dynasty of Ur, ca.

The Sumerian Tablets compared to the Old Testament - Catholic. Which possibly means their technology was at least on par, or better than ours at that time. All except that due to the carbon dating of the Sumerian tablets which make the tablets way older than the Hebrew scriptures and the Dead Sea.

History-lists/9-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-ancient-sumerians And Planet X was where our God or the Sumerian gods came down to earth "from heavenly places" and Man was created from Enki's idea through the breeding between apeman and these Annunaki species who came from Planet X so as to create the perfect slave to take over all their labors. Dec 16, 2015. Sometime around 4000 B. C. ancient Sumerian culture emerged on a. One of the larger Sumerian cities may have had 80,000 residents. List,” a clay tablet that documents the names of most of the ancient rulers of Sumer as. evidence of Mesopotamian beer-making dating back to the fourth millennium.

How accurate is the dating for the oldest Sumerian clay. Enlil wanted the extermination of Mankind by sending the flood but Enki saved our biblical "Noah". The oldest known Sumerian tablets, from Shuruppak and Abu Salabikh, are typiy dated to the 26th century BCE. I'm referring to the tablet.

Sumerian King List - pedia The stories of Genesis, of Noah's flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, etc are similar in so some ways with the Sumerian tablets. The Sumerian King List is an ancient stone tablet orinally recorded in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer. The list, dating to c. 165 BC.

CUNEIFORM, SUMERIAN TABLETS AND THE WORLD'S OLDEST. All except that due to the carbon dating of the Sumerian tablets which make the tablets way older than the Hebrew scriptures and the Dead Sea scrolls, which makes them look like edited versions of the orinal stories in the Sumerian tablets. A Sumerian clay tablet from around 3200 B. C. inscribed in wedgelike. The world oldest known prescriptions, cuneiform tablets dating back to 2000 B. C. from.

Sumer - pedia Their tablets tells of Planet X, Pluto, all the other colors and elements of other planets in our solar system while our modern technology only discovered Pluto in 1930. Sumer was the first urban civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia. The earliest texts come from the cities of Uruk and Jemdet Nasr and date back to 3300 BC; early. 2270–2215 BC, but even then most administrative tablets continued to be written in Sumerian, the language used by the scribes.

Astronomical <em>Dating</em> of the <em>Sumerian</em> <em>Tablets</em> - Egyptian Zodiacs
Mespotamian Tablet Collection, Notable Collections, Collections.
The <em>Sumerian</em> <em>Tablets</em> compared to the Old Testament - Catholic.
How accurate is the <i>dating</i> for the oldest <i>Sumerian</i> clay.
<b>Sumerian</b> King List - pedia
Sumer - pedia

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